Chris “ DJ Slice” Rodriguez

“Music is not what I do, it is who I am”

As a DJ, Chris “DJ Slice” Rodriguez is never afraid to break the boundaries with the musical selections he creates. Music is a high to him. It takes him to a place where he can be himself, without any judgement or fear. He loves making people forget about their worries, and just have a good time dancing to the eclectic beats of his music. Growing up around the sounds of Hip Hop and R & B, and listening to the mixes of DJ Jay Ski, DJ Touchtone, and DJ Hardwell, Chris soon realized what he wanted to do. The combinations he creates range across the spectrum, never being afraid to use any song and fuse them together. Whether its EDM and Hip Hop, to Reggaeton and Country, DJ Slice’s ability to create one of a kind mixes separates him from the rest.

It was in the early 2000’s that an 18-year-old DJ Slice started his career in Wildwood New Jersey. Nothing came easy for DJ Slice, as it was not until his early twenties that he began to make an impact with his music. Given the opportunity by DJ Master J and M & J Entertainment, DJ Slice was soon doing private parties and working in various night clubs throughout Wildwood. After a couple of years at the Jersey Shore, DJ Slice began working with Bob Maschio, owner of Coastal Broadcasting System, as a Board Op, with the hopes of becoming a live radio DJ someday. While still working with the radio station, DJ Slice moved out to Philadelphia, where he teamed up with DJ TY-C Unlimited Entertainment. Shortly after, DJ Slice’s dream came true when he was given the opportunity to host his own mix show live on the radio with 98.7 The Coast WCZT. Recently, DJ Slice made it to first place in a major DJ Competition for a chance to DJ back in WildWood New Jersey, where he first began his career. DJ Slice’s goal is to become a famous music influencer in the entertainment world and make an impact on people’s lives.