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Ask The Morning After, May 7 2015

Hi Morning After,

I had to e-mail because heard your discussion the other morning about bulk trash pickup and had to laugh, because it relates to a problem I’m dealing with.

I took the opportunity with the gorgeous weather last weekend to do some outdoor spring cleaning. One of the things I needed to do was wash the deck furniture. I moved a vinyl table and some chairs from the back deck to the front yard to give them a hose down when I realized water wasn’t going to be enough, so I went inside the house to get some cleaners and a scrubbing brush.

I wasn’t in the house very long, only about ten minutes, so imagine my confusion when I came out to find all the furniture, a table and four chairs, all gone.

My best guess was that someone must’ve thought it was put out for the trash and grabbed it. Well I noticed a very similar deck set at a residence about three blocks away. Now there’s nothing really special about the furniture but I have a suspicion that it’s mine, because I hadn’t noticed it in their yard before.

My question is, should I go over there and ask them about it? On one hand I think we’d all get a laugh at the misunderstanding, but on the other I really don’t know these people well. What if it really isn’t my stuff? That could make things awkward. Please advise.

North Wildwood

Should Keith go to claim his furniture, even if he’s not 100% sure it’s his? Or should he just count it as a lesson learned, you shouldn’t leave things in the front yard? Call us at 609-522-0987 to tell us what YOU’D do!

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