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Ask The Morning After May 28 2015

You’ve all heard of the phrase “If your
friends jumped off a bridge, would you
do it too?’ Well I have a situation along
the lines.

I overheard my 16 year old daughter on
her cell phone talking to her friends.
Apparently now that the weather is
getting warm, they’re talking about
pool-hopping. You know, where the
kids go to motels and other private
pools and taking a dip. And it’s not
even about access to a swimming
pool, it’s about the thrill of being
somewhere they’re not supposed to be.

I told her that I don’t appreciate
the practice. She said she doesn’t
see any harm in it since no one is
injured and nothing is stolen. I countered
that is not the point, it’s trespassing on
another’s property and it’s still a crime.

I mentioned this to some of the other
moms and they say I might be too
dramatic on this issue. As a matter
of fact, two of the moms said they
did the same thing! I believe my
daughter is hanging with kids that
might just be pool-hopping today, but
will do worse things tomorrow.

Am I being too dramatic?

Sea Isle City

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