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Ask The Morning After, May 14 2015

My girlfriend and I recently went to a
friend’ s house for a party that had about
50 guests. At first we went our separate
ways to talk to our various friends who
were there. I was approached by a
business acquaintance I had not seen
for several years and we spoke for about
10 minutes. The discussion didn’t get too
personal, so he didn’t know if I was there
alone or with a significant other. About
an hour later, my girlfriend tells me this
guy was trying to pick her up and was
relentless, It was to the point where
she was upset I didn’t “rescue” her.
She did eventually excuse herself to
go to the bathroom where she stayed for
several minutes to get away from him.
Since she was so upset, I asked her to
point out who it was. Yep, it was the
acquintance I know! I may have let it
pass, but then she tells me he was
saying things like “whoever you are
with, I’ll treat you better than that loser”,
not knowing the “loser” is me.
I know at this point we all had a few
drinks, and maybe it was just drunk
chatter. I decided not to make a scene at
the party but it’s still bothering me.
Should I call him to tell him I didn’t
appreciate him disrespecting my
girlfriend… and disrespecting me?
Or should I let it drop?

Tom from Green Creek

*Should Tom say something? Or let it drop? Call us at 609-522-0987 to let us know!

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