Ask The Morning After March 26 2015


Hey guys,

Wanted to ask for a quick opinion about a situation.

My wife insists on wearing leggings and other tight-
fitting clothing everywhere, even the supermarket.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to dictate
what she wears but have to admit the fact she
wears them everywhere kinda bothers me. Even
a few of my guy friends have made off-the-cuff
remarks which honestly make me want to knock
their lights out. But I agree that yeah, the clothes
are so tight, nothing is left to the imagination.

She says she wears the leggings because they
are comfortable. But they sure make me
uncomfortable. We have a good marriage. Does
she need to display it all for everyone to see? I
don’t want her to attract other men…

What does your audience have to say?

Sea Isle City

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