Ask The Morning After March 19 2015

Hi Morning After Crew,

Hope you can give some advice for “Fred”, a co-worker of
mine. My job requires a lot of presentations which
need to be complete with power point before we
head out to potential clients. There are numerical
figures that need to be calculated and double-
checked. Not quite brain surgery, LOL, but still
tedious work. Now on to the co-worker of mine and
the problem.

Fred has been obsessed with the NCAA basketball
brackets. I’ve heard the stories of how “March
Madness” hurts productivity at workplaces nation-
wide, but in my situation it’s already led to mistakes
in our presentations that could cost us clients. He’s
looking at stats (and soon games) on the internet,
and rushing on the actual work.

When I mentioned it to my department manager, he
said that it doesn’t matter, Fred and I are a team and
it’s up to me to make sure all the figures and
presentation are correct. Later I discover the
manager is in on the same bracket pool that Fred is
in, so my concerns are falling on deaf ears.

This is going to go on for a month? How do I deal with
this situation?

Somers Point


What should Gina do when even her supervisor doesn’t seem to care? Call us at 609-522-0987!

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