Ask The Morning After March 12 2015

Hi Morning After,

I’m writing you regarding a high school student in my class,
whom I’ll call Steven.

I noticed that Steven has a difficult time staying awake during the
mid-afternoon period when our class happens. He sits in the back
of the room and often doses off leaning back in his chair. Every
once in a while the teacher notices him, but other times he will
come dangerously close to falling onto the floor, when I usually
give him a nudge to wake him up.

I came to realize Steven has been consuming energy drinks in the
afternoon when he is participating in school sports activities. I’ve
witnessed Steven consuming more than one can of the energy
stuff and when I asked him he told me it gives him the edge he
needs. He also told me he drinks them in the morning too.

I became quite concerned. If Steven is drinking three or more of
these a day, I feel he’s quickly on his way to a heart attack or
other health problems. When I mentioned it to his mother, she said
that I shouldn’t be upset. After all if the drinks are legal and he can
buy them, put trust in the FDA, the CDC, USDA or whatever
government agency keeps an eye on this stuff.

I mentioned the drinks to the teacher who said she understands my
concern but can’t really do anything. Since Steven and his parents
are allowing this behavior, it’s not my place to say he can’t.

What should I do? I feel this can only turn out disastrous.

“Lexi”/Ocean City

What should Lexi do? Or should she drop it and let Steven face
the consequences (if anything does happen)? Call us at 609-522-0987 to let us know!

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