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Ask The Morning After April 30 2015

Here’s this week’s Ask The Morning After:

I am a 44 year old mother of 2 daughters and 1 son. My son is in college, where he plays sports and is a star student. Their father and I have been divorced for about 10 years and I am remarried as is their father. We were all invited out to dinner to meet my son’s new girlfriend. Please understand that our divorce was brutal and my ex and I only speak when absolutely necessary for the kids we agreed to do this dinner for our son (who is 21) because he was insistent that this relationship was very serious. Up until this dinner he had never mentioned, or brought her around our families and when I asked about the girlfriend he was vague, but all I knew she was older, she was from another state and they met at school, so I just assumed she too was a student.

We all arrived on time at the restaurant but my son was running late (not unusual) and that we should just get seated to get drinks. Twenty minutes later he walks in with this woman, who I assume is the girlfriend’s mother. NOT!!!!!! We are introduced to his 42 year old girlfriend. As if this dinner wasn’t awkward enough from the get go, he proceeds to inform us she is pregnant. My 18 year old daughter got up and walked out. My 15 year old daughter followed her. His father excused himself and left as well, leaving my husband and myself in a deafening silence. I finally said we are going to have to do this another time and that I had to go check on the girls and we left them sitting there. I did say it was nice to meet her and that I would call my son to have them over to the house to discuss their plans for the future. This has really sent a ripple through our family, and this is clearly not the road I saw my son on. How do I approach this conversation? I feel hurt, sad and blindsided, not to mention worried as to how my son can finish school, provide for a family, and care for an infant!

Jamie/North Wildwood

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