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Ask The Morning After April 2 2015

Dear Ask….

My husband and I have been married for about 8 months. I prepare dinner for the two of us almost every night, except the few times a month we go out to eat. I suggested that he help with the cooking once in awhile, but he says he works hard all day and just wants to relax & have a warm meal when he comes home. He does help sometimes with the clean-up, but I would really appreciate his help in preparing the meals once in awhile. Last week I wasn’t feeling well, so I convinced him to cook dinner, using a casserole mix, some left-over chicken, vegetables and frozen garlic bread. It was a very simple meal to prepare, but he couldn’t even follow the directions on the box. The meal turned out okay, but only after I stepped in to help him. I believe he was deliberately messing up the meal preparation, so I wouldn’t ask him to do it again. How can I get him to help in the kitchen? Doesn’t he realize that working as a team could be make the job easier for the both of us? Or, as a wife, should I be content to be a slave in the kitchen?
Troubled in Town Bank
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