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Ask The Morning After April 16 2015

Here’s this week’s “Ask The Morning After”:

I am a divorced mother of 2 teenagers and up until recently I thought things in our world were on an upswing. The divorce in 2013 really threw us all for a loop. January we were celebrating our 18th Anniversary with a romantic week trip to Jamaica that had me on a love high and 2 weeks after returning home he told me he wanted a divorce and a month after that he was living with the girl he had evidently been seeing for about a year.

My 13 year old goes for visitation but refuses to sleep over, my 15 year old flat out refuses to go. Both of our kids have always been good students and involved in sports and outside activities, until recently. My Ex has started threatening police action to force our 15 year old son to go see him. All of a sudden our oldest grades started plummeting and he seemed to be isolating himself. I sat him down to see if we could talk out what was going on and he broke down and admitted that he had known about his father’s girlfriend well our marriage ended. Worse yet his father had him lie to me and say that he and his father were doing something together and then park the car at the mall, leave our son at the mall with $100, and then jump in the girlfriend’s car so they could sneak time together. My Ex swore him to secrecy.

I am so angry at the damage that has been done to our child and have made appointments with a therapist to help him through this but my Ex says he is fine and needs NO therapy and he refuses to pay half (although he was court ordered to half of all medical payments). I will come up with the money for his treatment on my own and have been told by many to get an attorney and to block visitation completely due to the mental damage that is done. I promised never to keep our children from their father out of spite for how badly he hurt me, but he has hurt our children so should I try to have visitation with him stopped?


Can anyone help Janet? Call 609-522-0987!

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