We want to thank you for your interest and participation in our Munch Madness internet/social media contest. Our intention is always to put our businesses, special events, and organizations out front, in a positive manner because we believe we have some of the best small businesses in the entire State of New Jersey.

Unfortunately, we are simply unable to crown a champion this year. Despite our best efforts to prevent an intentional skewing of the votes, it happened. We are aware that an individual(s) tried to tilt the voting to one side by employing what’s commonly known as a “bot” that was casting a large number of votes in one direction. It was purposeful and not accidental. Even though we appreciate the passion and interest, we simply cannot, in good faith, designate a winner in the contest due to this activity.

The Final Fork stands on its own merits and we invite you to not only patronize those businesses, but every business involved in this contest, and in your neighborhood. Small business succeeds with our own individual curiosity, passion and patronage.

Thanks for playing, and our local businesses thank you for stopping by and giving them a try!

Munch Madness is brought to you by:

Westside Meats in Rio Grande, NJ

& Rio Station in Rio Grande, NJ

Here’s how voting works:

Only one vote can be cast per network connection. Some offices with a share wifi network might experience a scenario where the site thinks you have already voted. This means someone on the same connection as you beat you to it! This is to stop people from spam voting and generating authentic and unique votes! Here’s how to make sure you get your vote: if you are using a mobile device, turn off your wifi, and then cast your vote using 3G or 4G! This way you have your own connection!

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View the bracket on Challonge if you are having issues.