Munch Madness Semifinals: Two Mile Landing vs C-View

Munch Madness Semifinals: Two Mile Landing vs C-View

*Due to the Quarterfinal ending at midnight, voting for this matchup began at 12:03AM for the purpose of verifying vote counts. Thank you for participating in Munch Madness!

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  1. C-View great place to eat !!!!!

  2. Love the C-view, best bartender ever, Holle Boone.?

  3. Go Holle Boone, best bartender ever. Love you❤️

  4. Love the C-view

  5. C-View has all that you need. Great Food, Great Drinks, Great Prices, and Great PEOPLE. C-View for the win.

  6. Cview is the best by far!!


    Best place in Cape May!!!!! Cview you later!!!!

  8. The ‘View’ (C-View) #1 on The Island. ‘Off’ the Island Red Brick.. 5-West off the island – too noisy & loud-needs sound buffers… otherwise the food at all establishments are delicious and good.

  9. Charles coulter

    5 WEST is the BEST

  10. Go C View

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