Munch Madness Semifinals: 5 West Pub vs Lucky Bones

Munch Madness Semifinals: 5 West Pub vs Lucky Bones

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  1. This was a tough one!

  2. Both have something, I like to switch, love Lucky Bones. But I like the Lobster House in the summer,sitting outside on deck!

  3. Their food is so good and the staff is friendly.

  4. Staff is awesome love the food and drinks ??

  5. Both great places but gotta go with 5 West. Great bartenders and their burgers are always on point !

  6. I comparison. 5 West food and staff rock!

  7. Locket bones is the best by far

  8. Love it

  9. Great food at each, but Lucky Bones staff is the best.

  10. Riley DeCamillo works at 5 West and she’s so cool.

  11. I will never go back to 5 west. They served me a meatball sandwich that was cold and the meatballs were hard as a golf ball. I refused to eat it and asked for a credit and they denied it and charged me for it. Only 1 bite , returned and told it had to stay on my bill. I will never go back there, they are an embarrassment to the county.

  12. Cape May born and bred

    5 West all the way. I was introduced to this place last year and now I’ve been bringing people back here and spreading the word. Everything here is fresh and delicious never been disappointed. You have my vote West!

  13. Lucky Bones ALL THE WAY

  14. Lucky Bones. No contest.

  15. Food was always great and plentiful at Lucky Bones, staff is wonderful. Good menu with several specials.

  16. Lucky Bones has great and plentiful food, wonderful staff. Lots of specials.

  17. Antoinette Norris

    Lucky bone is the best

  18. Lucky Bones is walking distance, great food and known staff for years.

  19. Lucky Bones is the Best the staff are very friendly and the food is fantastic

  20. Wonderful food and service at 5WEST…. all the men are handsome…all the Ladies are beautiful!!!

  21. 5 west is the best?

  22. Lucky Bones for sure!! That bartender James, he’s the best. Great personality, never stears you wrong on appetizer choices. Friendly staff. Great stop!!

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