Munch Madness Quarterfinals: C-View vs Red Brick Ale House

Munch Madness Quarterfinals: C-View vs Red Brick Ale House

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  1. Red Brick is the BEST

  2. Red Brick has great food & great service

  3. The Food is the best around. French onion soup best in state.
    Service is great. Friendly and fast.

  4. My husband an I go there a lot for lunch and dinner. Good service and delicious food.

  5. Michele Hemingway

    There service is excellent & The food is delicious ?

  6. The Red Brick Ale House is a perfect example of how to improve a business by having great working partners and a great staff . Not to mention very tasty and ample meals .

  7. C-View gets you where you’re going errytime.

  8. The C-View has the best food and atmosphere you will find. A true gem located in the nation’s oldest seaside resort !

  9. I love the CView everyone is so friendly best wings in Cape May.

  10. Have to love the Cview —- best wings EVER and a great staff!

  11. Red Brick has great food and friendly staff. All of you that go there for Trivia and Bingo get on your phones and computers and vote for the Red Brick!!!

  12. Da Bomb

  13. I need to get me some C-View wings, man are they good

  14. Red Brick Best Burgers ❤️???

  15. Love the people, food is always amazing!!!

  16. The oldest Tavern in the Oldest Seaside Resort. Betsy Ross and Paul Reeve hooked up after a night of strong drinks, good food and festive fellowship at the C-View Inn and Liberty was born 9 months later. That, my friends, should count for something.

  17. I am getting ready for our family event that we do every summer at this place we love it.
    We cant wait.
    Best place we know…
    Love it

  18. Red brick is absolutely the worst. The food there is completely garbage, and the service is not even close to par

    • You clearly must’ve been flagged for being an A-hole while drunk. It’s doutfull you’d know good food from bad on any given day. Stop hiding behind a pseudo name to spread your spew loser!
      Better Buckle Up, ButterCup!

  19. Red Brick Ale House all the way! Love it!

  20. Cview is our family go to!

  21. C View is our family Go To!

  22. Red brick is the place to c view no no no

  23. I used to like the c view until I found how they conduct wing night. Barffffd I never feel welcome there. Oh well. No Loss.

  24. C-View has the best Chicken Cheessteak, Wings and can make a delicious key lime martini.

  25. Red Brick is the place to go!!!

  26. Red Brick has the best Margarita Pizza,and huge Hamburg’s…..Smiling faces are all around…!

  27. The C-View is the Bomb.. best people here on both sides of the bars. The bartenders ( Hi Dan) and all the waitstaff are pleasant and kind. The customers are all great friendly people who make the Cview #1

  28. 5⭐️

  29. Had Dinner at Red Brick last night, never disappointed

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