Munch Madness Finals: C-View vs 5 West Pub

Munch Madness Finals: C-View vs 5 West Pub

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  1. Love the atmosphere and food

  2. Great Pub food!

  3. I ❤️ The C-View

  4. C-View is the Oldest Tavern in the Oldest Seaside Resort. What’s the secret???? Great Food, Great Service, Great Value, and Great People. VOTE C-VIEW as the rightful heir to the throne!!!!

  5. I love this place !!!

  6. I love this place

  7. Wing night is the best!!!

  8. King of Cape May the C view!! You can’t go wrong going there not like other places in Cape May!

  9. Gotta ❤️ c-view!!!!

  10. Four Generations of my family (maybe more) have enjoyed getting filled to the brim at C-View. No offense to 5 Pup West but can anyone say that about them? #ILoveThisBar

  11. 5 WEST IS BEST

  12. 5 West is the Best!

  13. Love both place !

  14. Richard Chattingham IV

    The last time I ate at 5 West Pub I had such terrible gas I striped 3 pairs of my Calvins. I have never had that issue at the C-View – only the best!

  15. If you didn’t vote 5 west F you


  17. Love that NCM has a great place to go for dinner & drinks, another plus is that it is open all year round!

  18. Have to vote for the best — have to vote for the CVIEW!!!!!

  19. Love places but had to vote for c
    View. They have been around longer and have better specials fo and better wings and ribs!

  20. Darlene Houseman

    Voting for 5west. Close to home. Food is good. Friendly environment.


  22. Vote 5 West if you love warm beer and lousy food. Place is awful.

  23. Proud to say I’ve grown up going to the C-view! Great place, great atmosphere, great food, and GREAT people!!

  24. CView is a “must go to” when in Cape May. Great food and friendly atmosphere!

  25. Nothing beats C-View after a hard work week or a successful month hitting your sales goals.


  27. Both places are great .. let the best man win.
    Sad that people comment negative things in a great local community.
    Typical ?

  28. C-View all the way, great owner, great food and awesome staff!

  29. Love the c-view ❤️ Especially when Kathy is working she brings joy to the customers and puts a smile on everyone faces!!LETS GO C-VIEW

  30. 5 West should win!! C-view is clearly cheating!

  31. People who go to 5 west pub open bags of chips with scissors!!!!

  32. People who go to 5 west pub pour the milk in before the cereal. cmon

    • C view is winning !! Stop posting comments that make another place look bad. 5 West is a great place and by the looks of it none of their customers are insulting the other . Good for you classy 5 West customers. I am sure they will take a loss rather then insulting a great Cape May county establishment.

  33. C-View… Tried and True.

  34. Come on! C-View has been in business since like the Revolutionary War! 5 West Pup since what? 5 years?

  35. Jennifer Mathers

    Our family has always capped off our visit to Cape May with a night at the C-View and they never fail to deliver. We all love it! Thanks guys!!!

  36. C-View is an Eagles bar!!! 5 West is a Cowboys bar. Go C-View!!! GO BIRDS!!!!

  37. Have to vote C-View. Best food, best atmosphere, cold beer, supports the Coast Guard, welcomes everyone from fisherman to tourists, it’s the best!

  38. Have always been happy at 5 West Pub but C-View is an INSTITUTION. Comparing them really isn’t fair to 5 West Pub.

  39. The crew at the view ! Cape mays corner bar ALWAYS!

  40. To the people writing rude comments about either place shame on you. Both places are fine establishments and both exsist in a town we all love there is no need to be mean. Spread some love and keep the hate to yourselves.

    • Decades of great food, service and good peps won it! and that’s it, stop by sometime and see how its done

  41. Both great bars! No hating on either side. The bashing of 5 West is crazy though! One of my favorite places to go!

  42. Love 5 West!!!

  43. Cview is clearly cheating. 5 West great service great food. Let’s keep it classy people. Vote 5 West!!


    The C-View, we were just there on yesterday, Sunday. The corn chowder is the best I’ve ever tasted, the wings, the grilled kielbasa, Taylor pork roll, and the list goes on of delicious food you can enjoy there. The friendly sports bar atmosphere reminds me very much of the friendly community bars you can find in Philly.

  45. JCis so sad. Also, in case you haven’t yet realized it, JC is the 5 West owner.

    • If you think the 5 West owners would be posting those ridiculous comments, you haven’t met them. They’re proud of their businesses and represent Cape May County with class just like the C-View owners. There was a lot of unnecessary bad talk from some (key word, some) C-View voters which caused some accusations of cheating. If 5 West isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, but no need to trash talk a local establishment. You’d think in a friendly competition like this with literally no prize other than bragging rights, there would be a little more camaraderie around the county.

  46. The View Wins!!! Go Nova!!!

  47. Jc is the owner of pub she be trippin

  48. Great spot always a good time and great meal Love this place

  49. Great spot always a good time and great meal Love this place Go 5west

  50. Congrats to both bars! It was a great competition with dedicated customers. Proves where the locals go . Both great bars with good staff and owners. Different atmosphere, different menus… Isn’t great that we have them both!!!

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