Lucky Numbers Game

Feeling lucky this holiday season? Coastal Broadcasting Systems presents a tremendous opportunity for you to promote your business during the important holiday season with our latest absolutely fun game called the “Lucky Numbers Game”. Throughout the day, WCZT will be announcing two numbers from 0 to 9. If those two numbers appear in succession on someone’s cell phone, landline, fax line, or any phone line at all they will call us and win a prize! Homes and offices will be glued to this easy to play and fun game! The top prize is a $100 gift card from our friends at Crest Savings Bank! The Lucky Numbers Game will be THE holiday game everyone will be talking about! Sponsor it today, and watch how WCZT will drive our tens of thousands of listeners and Lucky Numbers Game players to your business!

For example: if the Lucky Numbers are “7” and “4”, and your phone number is 875-7414, you’re a winner! This is because 7 and 4 appear in order and next to each other in that phone number!

Prizes you can win:

  • $100 VISA gift card provided by Crest Savings Bank
  • Mens/Womens bikes provided by Zippys Bikes
  • Fresh, Creamy Fudge provided by The Original Fudge Kitchen
  • Gift card provided by Seagars
  • Gift card provided by Cape May Day Spa
  • $20 pack of scratch-offs provided by New Jersey Lottery
  • Passes to Morey’s Piers
  • Gift card to The Rio Station
  • Christmas Trees provided by Mike’s Christmas Trees in Rio Grande
  • The Sprint Store Of Cape May Court House Gift Card
  • The Bellevue Tavern Gift Card
  • Atlantic City Restaurant Week Gift Card