Mayor William Pikolycky is pleased to announce that the Borough of Woodbine, which in 2009 was the first recipient of Sustainable Jersey’s Rural Sustainability Champion Award, is currently seeking Silver Certification under Sustainable Jersey’s program update.  In order to fund the activities needed to attain Silver Certification, Woodbine is applying for $25,000 from Sustainable Jersey’s 2010 Small Grants Program. (Wal-Mart has dedicated $220,000 in grant funding to help local governments make progress toward a sustainable future and complete the actions needed for Sustainable Jersey Certification.)

To achieve initial certification (and the resulting Rural Sustainability Champion Award) the Borough previously earned 160 points. An additional 190 points are now being sought for the upgraded Silver Certification. The funding requested would support the following actions that would also support the Borough’s local economy, advance responsible environment management, and embrace social equity.

Project 1: Complete Streets Program.

The Borough would integrate a Complete Streets Policy into the recently drafted Circulation Plan Element, which will develop the guidelines and planning to provide safe access for all users by designing and operating a comprehensive, integrated, and connected multi-modal network of transportation options.

Project 2: Green Jobs Economic Development Strategy and Program.

The Woodbine anticipates utilizing a series of Green Economic Development initiatives to retain, attract, and nurture companies that are clean and environmentally sustainable; that are poised to benefit from global and regional economic shifts spurred by the greening of local economies. Towards this end, the Borough will seek partnership with Atlantic City Electric, South Jersey Gas, Cape May County Recycling Center, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to establish a technology skills training and mentoring program.

These funds would also be utilized to continue to pursue grants to invest in sustainable infrastructure, provide marketing and business support as a green business hub,   invite new investments and provide promotional opportunities to those businesses located or looking to locate into the Borough’s recently established Jersey Cape Eco-Business Center. The Borough and Greater Woodbine Chamber of Commerce would partner to create a Sustainable Business Network.

Project 3: Borough Facilities Rain Barrel Demonstration Project.

Woodbine proposes to implement a Rain Barrel Demonstration project at various Borough Facilities to harvest rainwater which will supplement other irrigation sources at a minimal cost and mitigate stormwater run-off.  The Borough would partner with the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service to provide residents and businesses with an educational guide and training on how to implement their own rain barrel systems.

Project 4: Green Business Recognition Program.

In order to ensure the active engagement of the private sector, the Borough proposes to create a Green Business Recognition Program, which would offer marketing and promotional support to encourage local businesses to implement sustainable practices. The goal of the program would be to acknowledge companies that embrace strategies to increase energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, reduce waste, prevent pollution, and encompass social responsibility and commitments to the local economy.

“Given the current economic conditions, the announcement of this funding opportunity is well-timed and much needed in order for small rural municipalities, such as Woodbine, to plan and ultimately achieve social, environmental, and economic sustainability,” added Mayor Pikolycky. “Receipt of this grant would position the Borough even better for future funding opportunities.”

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