COW-LogoThe Wildwood  Board of Commissioners will present the initial phases of a flood mitigation plan at the Commissioners’ Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 8th.
The plan will address some of the more serious drainage problems on Rio Grand Boulevard and Susquehanna Avenue, and on the west blocks of Montgomery Avenue; installation of a temporary pump on Leaming Avenue; installation of two permanent Pump Stations on Tacony Road and Dock Road; and the construction of a new bulkhead at West Juniper Avenue.
The Board is working with Triad Associates, the City’s grant-writing firm, to obtain funding or reimbursement for these projects, which will address the City’s long-standing flooding problems.
The City’s grant application is for $2.2 million and will be submitted after state approval of the Cape May County Mitigation Plan.
“The Board is cognizant of what these projects will cost,” said Mayor Gary DeMarzo. “The cost of the grant application alone is $10,000. But, spending a little money now will save us a lot in the future.”
“We’re ahead of the game already,” Mayor DeMarzo remarked. “The costs estimated by our prior engineers totaled over $4 million. With the help and creativity of ARH, Wildwood’s engineering firm, we are at a fraction of that number. Our administration’s storm management plan is incremental and will be built upon as funds become available.”
The next phases will focus on the revitalization of Pacific Avenue and will build upon plans already drawn for Park Boulevard and 26th Street.
“Our residents are tired of not being able to get to their homes and also of the property damage that accompanies flooding. And, they are fed up with officials who fail to fix these problems,” said Commissioner Edward Harshaw. “This administration prides itself in fixing problems, and we are doing everything we can to fix the situation at hand.”

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