mjvThe following is a press statement issued by Middle Township committee candidate Mike Voll regarding a dispute over his eligibility to run for elected office in the November election.  Voll is seeking a township committee seat currently held by Susan DeLanzo:

Despite an effort by the Democrat Party, to knock Mike Voll out of the election Mike Voll still remains a candidate for Middle Township Committee.  Voll said that “now that the political nonsense is over let’s start debating the issues facing Middle Township. I have sent several letters to my opponent to establish debate times at her convenience, and not only does she refuse to respond, I find her challenging my ability to vote in a town where I have lived and paid taxes for over 35 years.”

“My opponent knew that The Election Board had no authority to affect my candidacy and this was all done in a cowardly political attempt to grab a headline. The law states that from the date I filed my petition my opponent had 4 days to challenge it.  She blew that opportunity and she waited until after Labor Day to file the first bad political shot to deny the voters of Middle a choice in November.”

 “The made up controversy by my opponent over a 2008 vote I made for President in Florida in no way nullifies my ability to run for Middle Township committee in 2010.  Furthermore, as a courtesy to the board from having to make a decision today I have reregistered.” 

“ It’s my opinion that my opponent doesn’t want to discuss the purchase of a 1.2 million dollar annex office or the half a million  a year she’s paying for 4 different law firms that are funding her campaign and gouging the taxpayers of Middle.”

Finally Voll says, “ I have lived, worked and voted more in Cape May County than my opponent and this effort to run unopposed is desperate and the voters of Middle Township deserve better.”

Furthermore, I am tired of the cowardly attacks on me and my family on a local web site! In all my campaigns, and as your mayor, no one spoke for me. I ask in the interest of the good people of Middle Twp. that Ms. DeLanzo starts talking for herself.

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