Senator Jeff Van Drew sent a letter to Governor Christie requesting the administration work with him to address a long-standing traffic problem on Route 47 in Cape May and Cumberland Counties.

The senator told the governor work on the issue does not have to wait until passage of his legislation that requires a study to determine how best to alleviate congestion on the roadway. He requested the governor direct the commissioners of Transportation and Environmental Protection to begin the study immediately, and vowed to work with them to find a solution.

“Congestion in this area is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of residents, as miles of cars idling on the highway discharge harmful pollutants and frequent accidents result in dozens of injuries, as well as deaths, each year,” wrote Senator Van Drew. “Moreover, the problem is damaging to the local tourism industry and the viability of our businesses, as it discourages vacationers from visiting our shore resorts.”

“There has to be a way to address this issue without harming the environment,” Van Drew added. “I know it will be challenging and will require thinking outside the box, but I believe we can work together and, finally, after a decade, truly charter a successful solution to this problem.”

The Senate Transportation Committee unanimously approved legislation that would require the commissioners of Transportation and Environmental Protection to prepare a traffic study evaluating the best options for alleviating traffic congestion on Route 47 in Cumberland and Cape May Counties and in the surrounding region. The bill would require a written report be submitted to the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and the Chair of the Assembly Transportation Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee, or their successor committees, within a year.

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