A Superior Court Judge denied the City of Wildwood the right to obtain a videotape that allegedly shows a Wildwood Police officer using excessive force from 2000. Wildwood Mayor Gary DeMarzo released this statement to Coastal Broadcasting:

Prosecutor Taylor continues to fight vehemently for this tape, a tape that he knows will expose the inner workings of the Cape May County Prosecutor and puts the City of Wildwood at risk for litigation. Instead he reverts to childish name calling and continues to use his office in an attempt to booster his lack of credibility with the public. Mr. Taylor has also forgot to release to the press, one of the most important parts of the ruling, Judge Nelson writes “The Court encourages the Prosecutor to renew his offer to make the video available for review consistent with the City’s authority under NJSA 40A:14-118.” Which we will wholeheartedly embraced.

The City cannot keep stepping over bodies and the Prosecutor cannot continue to cover up incidents because they feel he will look poorly in the Court of Public Opinion. The City has the right to manage its affairs. The City will take advantage of every legal option to assure that the public’s trust and safety is not violated. Public trust continues to be violated here at the hands of Prosecutor Taylor. Every person that I come in contact, truly wants to trust law enforcement but has a difficult time believing Prosecutor Taylor, and I get asked the question over and over  “if there is nothing on the tape why not simply release it?”

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