A Middlesex County man was sentenced to seven years in prison for second-degree aggravated assault for shooting at his former domestic partner in 2009, Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel stated.

Raymond Kottler, 42, of Old Bridge Township, must serve 85 percent, five years, 11 months and 12 days before parole eligibility as a result of the Sept. 17, 2010 plea agreement.

On May 21, 2009, Kottler drove by the victim’s house located in the 700 block of Magellan Avenue in Atlantic City at 3:23 p.m., fired several rounds from a handgun, shouted at the victim and drove off. No one was injured. Atlantic City police arrested Kottler later that afternoon on South Massachusetts Avenue in Atlantic City and seized Kottler’s handgun, according to Assistant Prosecutor Janet Gravitz.

Assistant Prosecutor Gravitz urged the court to sentence the defendant in accordance with the plea agreement and nothing less, because the crime called for the seven-year prison term. She argued that while the defendant was out on bail for allegedly trying to extort money from his former partner, he stole a gun from a friend, loaded it and drove to the victim’s home where he fired at least two rounds at the victim. Gravitz also said the defendant’s mental state, lack of prior record, and the circumstances of crime, were taken into consideration when fashioning a plea agreement in the second-degree range.

To further reduce the prison term as argued by the defense, would depreciate the seriousness of the crimes.

The defense argued for less time than the plea agreement called for, but Superior Court Judge Max Baker agreed with the State that based upon the severity of the crime, the plea agreement was appropriate.

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