Bob_MaschioNorth Wildwood City Councilman Bob Maschio is calling for the repeal of all health care benefits for elected officials in North Wildwood city government.  Maschio is proposing that council pass a resolution that rescinds the health care benefits when the new North Wildwood city council is sworn in to office on January 3, 2011; the city’s next election will be held on November 2nd.

“Voters in the city, and our region, have clearly sent the message that we need to do more, with less, and make very difficult decisions”, Maschio said.  “It’s time for me, and other members of the North Wildwood City Council to do right by city taxpayers and relinquish the health benefits that we have collectively enjoyed for many years.  I can assure you that in this difficult economic climate the taxpayers’ money to support health benefits for part-time elected officials needs to end before we address the 2011 North Wildwood municipal budget”.

Maschio calculated the total amount of health insurance premiums collected by six of the seven city council members who current accept health insurance.  The total:  $84,132.36.  That does not include the salaries, social security, Medicare, and pension payments that are also afforded to members of council by law.

“North Wildwood is the only community in Cape May County that has a mayor and seven council members”, Maschio said.  “With a property reassessment coming, a new state-imposed cap, and true needs in our community, it’s time for these benefits to end for myself and other elected members of North Wildwood city government.  When I am re-elected in November, I can assure you that I will be the first member of council to relinquish these benefits”.

Maschio is encouraging all council members and candidates to carefully examine the salary and benefits that are offered to elected officials in the city.  “At the same time families throughout the city and the United States are trying to get by with less, elected officials in North Wildwood are offered, and accept, lucrative salary and benefits”, Maschio said.  “Voters were heard in last year’s New Jersey gubernatorial election, and this year’s county republican freeholder primary—the way of doing things for years is no longer acceptable.  I hear that message loud and clear, and hope my fellow council members forfeit their full time benefits for a part time job so that tax dollars can be put to better use in North Wildwood”.

Maschio is an incumbent councilman in North Wildwood’s First Ward. He is the President of Coastal Broadcasting.

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