Lower_Township_PoliceThe following is a press release from the Lower Township Police Department:
The Lower Township Police Department on Saturday July 172010 at approximately 9:57 pm received a 9-11 call from the 900 block of Seashore Road reporting an assault upon an 18 year old with a cane. The actor identified as Casimir Rupinski 37 years of age of the above address had reportedly been at a party and upon returning home had noticed that a dog had urinated in the house. He then became enraged and attempted to hit the dog with a cane. The 18-year-old male victim attempted to intervene and removed the cane from Rupinski. Rupinski then regained control of the cane and struck the victim in the face area causing what was later to be determined a facial fracture.

Rupinski upon hearing that the police had been called then proceeded to leave the residence on a Honda motorcycle with a sidecar attached. Police upon arrival put this information out to other officers and determined that Rupinski had warrants for his arrest for non support and other charges in an amount of $5,250.00 and that his license had been suspended.

S/O Joseph Gamble was in the area of Fire Lane and Bayshore Road when he observed Rupinski on the motorcycle traveling north bound on Bayshore Road toward a relative’s house in the 100 block of Baywood Avenue. S/O Gamble then attempted to stop Rupinski’s vehicle. However, Rupinski would not adhere to police sirens/lights and commands to stop. Police pursued him until he drove the vehicle onto the above relative’s property in an attempt to elude police.

Upon stopping, Rupinski ignored police commands and attempted to flee on foot and was apprehended and handcuffed. Upon being taken to a police vehicle Rupinski then drove his shoulder into S/O Gamble knocking the officer off balance, Rupinski was then restrained and placed into the police vehicle with the assistance of several officers. Rupinski was then transported to the Lower Township Police Department for processing.

Rupinski is charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer, driving while intoxicated, eluding police with a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana and driving while suspended. Rupinski was also charged in regards to the original call with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

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