Lower_Township_PoliceThe following is a press release issued by the Lower Township Police Department:

On Thursday, 07-15-10 at approximately 5:05 pm, the Lower Township Police Communications Center received a 9-1-1 call from the manager of the Villas 7-11 Store.

The manager advised Police Dispatch that there was an intoxicated subject in the store attempting to fight with his customers.

S/O Michael Iames responded to the 7-11.  As S/O Iames was exiting his patrol vehicle, the manager of the 7-11 pointed at a man running across the street and yelled, “That’s him there. He has a razor!”

S/O Iames pursued the subject across the street and ordered him to turn around and place his hands on his head.  S/O Iames then patted the man down for any weapons and located a straight razor in the man’s right front pocket.

The subject, identified as Daniel W. Olah, age 54, of the 100 Block of West New Jersey Avenue, Villas, was then arrested for Possession of a Weapon For Unlawful Purposes.

After being handcuffed, Olah became highly combative and belligerent towards the officer and resisted efforts to place him in the rear of Iames patrol vehicle.

At that time, Patrol Officer Doug Whitten arrived on scene to back up Iames and assisted Iames in placing Olah in the police vehicle.  However, Olah continued to be highly combative, using frequent profanity towards the officers and attempted to kick out a side rear window of the police vehicle.

Olah was advised that he would be pepper maced if he did not cease his actions.

However, he continued to attempt to kick out the window.  At that time Patrol Officer Whitten discharged his pepper mace at Olah, who stopped kicking long enough for officers to secure him in the rear of the vehicle.

Olah was then transported to the Lower Township Police Department for processing where he was charged with Possession of a Weapon For An Unlawful Purpose and Resisting Arrest.

Lower Township Municipal Court Judge, David Deweese, set Olah’s bail at $15,000 cash.  Olah was then lodged in the Cape May County Jail in default of bail.

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