The Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority (LTMUA) has awarded a second solar panel contract to Cambria Solar of Pleasantville, New Jersey.  The contract is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that includes a new 750 kW per hour solar power unit.  The LTMUA currently has been operating a 50 kW solar unit under a PPA agreement with Calvi Electric of Atlantic City, New Jersey since February 2010 and has been saving an average of $1,200 per month on electric bills.

The new 750 kW unit is similar to the 50 kW unit as the LTMUA spent zero capital dollars for the construction of the units.  The 50 kW unit produces electric at a cost to the LTMUA of zero per kW for electrical power generated by the unit for the next fifteen years. The new 750 kW unit produces electric at a cost to the LTMUA of $0.0375 per kW for electrical power generated by the unit for the first five years with an escalation rate to $0.05 per kW during the fifteen year term of the contract.  The LTMUA currently pays Atlantic City Electric Company an average of $0.14 per kW of energy used.  Both contracts are for fifteen years each, but the units have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. 

The LTMUA supplied the ground space where the units were constructed at the Wastewater treatment Plant (WWTP), 2900 Bayshore Road, Villas, New Jersey.  The WWTP currently uses over 900 kW per hour to operate the sewage treatment plant.  When operational, both solar units will produce almost One Meg of power. LTMUA plans to reduce their dependency on Atlantic Electric during its operation over the next fifteen years. 

The LTMUA estimates a cost savings on electricity supplied by Atlantic City Electric of $15,000 per month when the new project is completed.  The LTMUA routinely reviews its daily operations for Green alternatives, cost savings and efficiency, which results in savings for its rate payers.

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