U.S. Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) tonight issued the following statement after President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address to the nation.

“Once again, we hear from President Obama that jobs and the economy are the most critical issues facing our nation and his number one focus. While agreeing with that assessment, the American people and this Congress are rightly skeptical of the President’s commitment. The past two years have shown an Administration that is easily distracted and often acts without consideration, consultation and consensus. Regrettably, the recommendations and views of the business community, the Congress and the American people have been largely ignored. This ‘standard operating procedure’ has not worked for two years; it is long past time for a new direction.

“We must end massive government programs run by unaccountable czars – as demonstrated by the stimulus and healthcare laws – which countless Americans rightly view as a waste of their tax dollars. We must meaningfully cut federal spending levels which have brought the nation’s debt to unprecedented and unacceptable levels. And we must give the business community a real seat at the table, renewing their confidence to again hire and make capital investments.

“To this end, President Obama rightly spoke about the need to encourage America’s global competitiveness while fueling innovation and job creation. I agree with this objective, but am cautious of the actions he takes in pursuit of this shared goal. We must promote our competitiveness without bankrupting our children and grandchildren’s futures.

“The American people have loudly and forcefully spoken that the record federal spending and excessive borrowing cannot and should not continue. With high unemployment, job creation and economic growth must be our sole focus. In tonight’s address, President Obama acknowledged he heard that message; now he must act in partnership with the Congress and the American people.”

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