State officials offered several tips to the public aimed at keeping zombies and vampires, many of whom are set to roam the streets this weekend, safe and sound. Of course, these creatures, along with many others, will be the thousands of children who will be trick-or-treating this weekend, prompting Division of Highway Traffic Safety Acting Director Gary Poedubicky to encourage motorists and parents to take the necessary steps to have a safe Halloween.

Poedubicky said that in 2010, 141 pedestrians were killed and 4,878 were injured as a result of motor vehicle crashes. So far this year, 100 pedestrians have been killed, four of which were under the age of 16.

A recent survey sponsored by Safe Kids found that parents’ biggest fear for their children on Halloween was pedestrian injury (31 percent), which polled higher than poisoning (24 percent) and abduction (15 percent). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics support those concerns. NHTSA has reported that, on average, twice as many children are killed in pedestrian/vehicle accidents on Halloween between 4pm and 10pm as compared to the same hours on other days throughout the year.

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