A convicted killer who was the son of famed Atlantic City nightclub owner Skinny D’Amato must remain in prison the State Parole Board ruled. Angelo D’Amato, 52, of Ventnor, was sentenced to life in prison on Oct. 7, 1983 for the brutal February 1981 murder in Ventnor of 28-year-old Keerans Carter. In addition to murder, D’Amato was convicted of theft by unlawful taking for selling the victim’s possessions following her death and sentenced to a consecutive five-year prison term. In the decision the three-member Parole Board panel stated that during D’Amato’s 27 years and six months of incarceration he has; “turned a blind eye” to his guilt. The panel further stated that D’Amato has not shown the requisite amount of rehabilitative progress in reducing the likelihood of future criminal activity.

“Only when you face the stark reality of what you have done and the death of your victim as a result of your actions will you then be able to possibly gain the insight necessary to identify why you have led such a violent, brutal and anti-social lifestyle,” stated the Parole Board in addressing its reasons for denial to D’Amato.

The Parole Board also considered a written submission by the New Jersey Crime Victims Law Center on behalf of the victim’s survivors. For those, and other reasons cited by the Board, D’Amato will not be eligible for parole for another 120 months.

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