Lower Township Councilman Tom Conrad today challenged opponent Janet Pitts to debate on neutral turf.  Pitts has proposed a debate hosted by the Lower Township Taxpayers Association.  Pitts is the former President of the group.

“Pitts’ proposal was a dog and pony show designed to grab a headline when I refused to let her own group host a debate,” said Conrad.  “Let’s connect the dots:  Pitts is the former President of the Lower Township Taxpayers Association.  Now she is running against me and she wants that group to host a debate.  Please.  The voters see right through this ploy.  She designed this to fail so she could cause a media stir.

“The fact of the matter is,” Conrad continued.  “I am ready to debate Pitts anytime and anywhere as long as the debate is hosted by a neutral third party and not Pitts’ own special interest group.  Until she makes up her mind that she wants an impartial and fair debate format, I will continue to take my message of smaller, more responsive government directly into the living rooms of the voters of Ward One.”

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