May County is continuing to sell confiscated items through on-line auctions this summer.  The third auction will contain more than 120 items of the original 1,000 items up for grabs.  The bidding on this grouping starts Saturday, July 31st and runs until Tuesday, August 10, 2010. 

The items, confiscated from one of the largest stolen property schemes in Cape May County history, are available on GovDeals which is accessible through the county’s website 

To-date the County has received approximately $21,000 from sales of these confiscated items.

The items represented in this auction include an assortment of tools, computer supplies, camping and other outdoor accessories plus Dyson vacuum cleaners and the IROBOT Roomba vacuum cleaners. 

Surplus property can be viewed by going to and clicking online auction or at  Also, in order to bid, you must pre-register with GovDeals.  Bidders can register to participate in this auction free of charge by going to and clicking online auction or at

Purchasing Agent Kim Allen said, “All sales are final; “As Is” and “Where Is”.  Surplus property must be picked up as specified on designated dates and times at a Cape May County location.  PayPal is the method for payment to GovDeals.  No cash or checks are permitted.  View the special terms and conditions available on the website specific to Cape May County confiscated property.  There will be no inspection of any of the surplus confiscated property.  However, pictures are available on the website of the confiscated property.”

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