The Borough of Avalon has begun an experimental program on three separate traffic islands on Dune Drive.The program will help determine the cost and effectiveness of three different irrigation technologies.  Traffic islands from 39th Street north to 37th Street are being prepared this week for the program, which will run through the spring and summer months.

“We are very excited to get this innovative program underway in the Borough”, said Jim Collins, Chairman of the Avalon Green Team.  “We are fortunate to have community partners who are donating their time, labor, and services in this experiment which is getting attention from as far away as California”.

Three different irrigation technologies will be tested during this program.  At the 39th Street traffic island, new sod is being installed and the traditional spray irrigation system that has been used for years will remain.  At the 38th Street traffic island, new sod is being installed along with a “smart irrigation” system.  And at the 37th Street traffic island new topsoil, sod, and a drip irrigation system will be used.  Water use will be carefully monitored and recorded through the spring and summer of 2011 to determine how much water is used and the effectiveness of each specific irrigation system.

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