Election Day 2019 Coverage

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10:08pm–The GOP is smelling victory, and a big one.  Republicans Mike Testa, Erik Simonsen, and Antwan McClellan are leading their races with 70 percent of the votes counted.  It’s not over, but the republicans are doing much better than anyone expected.  Testa is currently leading Bob Andrzejczak by over 3,000 votes.

9:59pm–With 61% of the vote counted, the democrats are in big trouble in our district.  Testa extends his lead to 3,000 votes, with Simonsen and McClellan leading Land and Milam.  All Cape May County votes are counted, and there are more democratic voters in Cumberland, so let’s see…..

9:58pm–FINAL . GOP keeps all five seats on the Freeholder board.  The final vote totals Gerald Thornton, 16,105; Marie Hayes 15,833; Joyce Gould, 12,035, and Elizabeth Casey, 11,883.  Not quite the 2-1 margin of victory that the GOP is used to but still, a big night for republicans in Cape May County.

9:54pm–With Ocean City being the last County numbers to come in, there have been 26,950 ballots recorded in Cape May County.

9:51pm–IF the numbers hold up for Erik Simonsen, and he wins an Assembly seat, Lower Township will have to find itself a new mayor.

9:49pm–FINAL GOP keeps control in Upper Township, as John Coggins and Hobie Young are elected, with a huge win over democrat Donald Oral.  The numbers Coggins 2639, Young 2662, and Oral 1412.

9:48pm–As of now, all Cape May County numbers have been counted except Ocean City.  Ocean City leans republican, so it looks like Gerald Thornton and Marie Hayes have been re-elected to keep the freeholder board all GOP.

9:45pm–For the GOP to win the district, they have to perform well in Cape May County.  So far, they are.  Early numbers gave the dems an advantage but that has been more than erased with all three GOP candidates for legislature winning Cape May County with 3/4 of the votes counted.

9:42pm–72% of the votes are counted in Cape May County, and it looks like the GOP will win both freeholder races.  As of now, Thornton at 28.1%, Hayes at 27.6%, Gould at 22.3%, and Casey last at 21.7%.

9:41pm–With nearly half of the votes counted district wide, GOP holds the lead in the Assembly race with Simonsen at 27.9%, McClellan at 26.4%, Land at 23.08%, and Milam at 22.5%.

9:37pm–with 47% of the votes counted, republican Mike Testa has 54% of the vote in the Senate race, district wide.  It is anticipated that some heavy democratic districts have not had their votes counted yet.

9:33pm–Statewide, democrats win Assembly seats in District 4, 5, and 6; GOP will win District 9, 10.

9:28pm–GOP widens its lead in the legislative races.  Just over a third of the district votes are counted, and the GOP leads in the Assembly race by nearly 2,000 votes; the Senate margin held by Testa, about the same.

9:26pm–Lower Cape May Board of Education winners are David Golden, Gary Douglass, and Nicole Morrison.   Morrison beats Frank Onorato by 24 votes.

9:25pm–Looks like it could be a GOP sweep for Freeholder.  With 66% of the votes cast, Thornton and Hayes are 1-2, with Gould in third position, over 2,300 votes behind.  That’s a lot to make up.  This could be over soon.

9:23pm–Voter turnout in Cape May County for this election?  Just over 25 percent.  18,189 ballots were cast with no congressional, gubernatorial, or larger races on the ballot.

9:22pm–With 16% of the vote in, a GOP lead in all three legislative races.  Simonsen/McClellan lead Land/Milam by about 100 votes separating second from third.  Testa leading by fewer than 300 votes.  Again, it’s early.

9:19pm–FINAL Middle Township is now all republican.  James Norris wins in his first election, defeating current Committeeman Mike Clark, 2813-2620.

9:15pm–A shift in the Assembly race!  With 7.2% of the vote counted, republican Erik Simonsen has pulled ahead of Matthew Milam with a slim lead of fewer than 60 votes.  This could be a tight one.  And republican Mike Testa is now less than 100 votes away from Andrzejczak.

9:13pm–FINAL Dennis Township stays in the hands of the GOP.  Zeth Matalucci and Matthew Cox are re-elected, winning Dennis Township by about 500 votes over Carlos Morales.  Matalucci is the top vote getter with 1377 votes.

9:11pm–Only in Cape May County….Testa is leading Andrejczak by about 500 votes.  Simonsen/McClellan lead in Assembly race, without Cumberland numbers counted.

9:06pm–With 6.8% of the vote in, democrats are winning in all three legislative races district wide.  In the Assembly race, it’s, in order, Land, Milam, Simonsen, McClellan.

9:05pm–BREAKING We are awaiting final numbers, but for the first time in forever, Middle Township will be 3-0 republican as Jim Norris beats incumbent Michael Clark, we are hearing “around 200 vote” margin of victory.

9:04pm–FINAL West Wildwood.  Amy Korobellis captures a seat on the Borough Commission, with Banning in second, Doherty in third.  Korobellis has 122 votes, Banning, 103.

9:03pm–Separation begins in the Freeholder race, with Thornton/Hayes pulling slightly away from Gould/Casey, with 13.3% of the vote in.

9:00pm–As of now, in Cape May County only, Testa pulls ahead of Andrzejczak by fewer than 200 votes with only 9.45% of the vote counted.  District wide, Testa trails.

8:57pm–FINAL Woodbine numbers, Eduardo Ortiz 249, Mary Helen Perez, 276.  Both elected to Borough Council.

8:56pm–FINAL Stone Harbor numbers, Jennifer Gensemer 221, Charles Krafczek, 193, Reese Moore, 195, Frank Dallahan, 200. They are all elected to Borough Council.

8:55pm–FINAL Wildwood numbers.  Krista Fitzsimons, 561, Pete Byron, 557, and Steve Mikulski, 551.  They are your winners, Mayor Ernie Troiano voted out.  Troiano finishes with 403 votes in fourth place.

8:54pm–With nearly 10 percent of the vote in, Thornton/Hayes lead Gould/Casey in the Freeholder race, with Casey being in last place.  Gould is fewer than 300 votes behind Hayes.

8:49pm–Substantial update on legislative races…Andrzejczak is leading Testa by just over 500 votes district wide, while Land/Milam are leading Simonsen/McClellan by about the same margin.  Only 1.46% of the vote is in.

8:47pm–Five percent of the vote in Cape May County counted and the two democratic freeholder candidates are within 220 votes of second place.  Unsure at this time if any heavily republican (Upper Township, Ocean City, etc) towns are counted in this total.

8:46pm–Cape May County numbers continue to come in for the legislative and freeholder races with the GOP holding slight leads.  Typically for a republican to win a legislative race, there is a substantial win in Cape May County…it’s early but the numbers are not generally trending that way.

8:39pm–Wildwood FINAL, numbers still to come.  Mayor Ernie Troiano voted out in Wildwood, the winners in order are Krista Fitzsimons, Pete Byron, and Steve Milulski.  Those are your apparent winners,

8:38pm–At this exact moment, with many more votes to come in, only in Cape May County….Testa leads Andrzejczak by two votes.

8:37pm–Early numbers do not show in the freeholder race that voters are picking a candidate from each ticket.  Two republicans and two democrats closely grouped together, with the GOP with a slight lead early on.

8:36pm–More legislative numbers are coming in with democrats Land and Milam having a less than 1,000 vote edge over Simonsen and McClellan; Testa about 500 behind Andrzejczak.  No idea yet what districts these are from, again, very early numbers.

8:35pm–Early Wildwood numbers have Mayor Ernie Troiano fifth in the balloting.  Steve Mikulski, Krista Fitzsimons, and Pete Byron one-two-three.  Early numbers have former mayor Gary DeMarzo with only 41 votes, over 100 off the pace.

8:35pm–Early Upper Township numbers have two republicans with a big lead over democrat Don Oral.  It’s hard for a democrat to win in Upper Township.

8:33pm–Middle early numbers, Mike Clark leading James Norris, 474-375.  In Dennis Township, two republicans leading democrat Carlos Morales with early numbers in, Matalucci in first, Cox over Morales by 20 votes.

8:30pm–Early legislative numbers from Cape May County give democrat Bob Andrzejczak a slim lead over republican Mike Testa in the Senate race.  The Assembly race with early numbers a virtual dead heat among the four candidates in Cape May County.  Same with early freeholder numbers with fewer than 100 votes separating all four candidates.

8:28pm–The last democrat elected to the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders?  Congressman Jeff Van Drew.  Democrats mounted a serious challenge this year with plenty of campaign funding spent, and signs throughout the County.

8:26pm–…silence so far, numbers should be coming in pretty quickly in the next 15 minutes on local races in Cape May County.  No numbers have been posted by either County in the legislative races.

8:16pm–Voters will also fill positions on local boards of education in Cape May County this evening.  Some communities have contested elections, some have just enough candidates running uncontested.  Cape May Point has a vacancy, but no one is running.

8:13pm–This is when everyone interested in elections is nervous.  Polls are closed, where are the numbers?  It takes time for the boxes to be transported to the County Clerk’s Office and the votes to be tallied.  It’s possible some numbers are available by 8:30pm, but highly doubtful many final numbers.  Most of the activity is from 8:30pm-10:30pm, but trends appear early on.

8:05pm–Did someone say swimming pools?  Voters in Lower Township and Sea Isle City have cast ballots to see if municipal aquatic centers should be established in their communities.  The Lower Township center would be supported in part by a Cape May County Open Space grant.

8:03pm–Remember, in the First District legislative races, Cape May County is only part of the district.  It also includes a good portion of Cumberland County, where democrats are strong, but also where republican Senate candidate Michael Testa is from.  Spending in the First District legislative race was tops in the state, partly because democrat Jeff Van Drew vacated the Senate seat to head to Washington, DC.

8:00pm–Polls have closed in New Jersey.  Let the counting of the votes begin.  The process is typically a clerk will help the election workers close down their polling booths, record the votes, and take the machines to the County Clerk’s office.  The votes are electronically tallied.

7:55pm–Some things to remember in local races, like Middle Township and Wildwood.  Voters do not pick the mayor, the elected officials do.  Most times, it’s not the top vote getter who is named mayor, but someone in the majority party/ticket.  It’s interesting when three candidates from different tickets are elected, and that could happen tonight in Wildwood.

7:53pm–Polls are open for another seven minutes.  Machine voting tally and mail in ballot numbers will be posted; personal choice and write in tallies will be counted by Cape May County on Wednesday, with provisionals/mail ins postmarked by election day being counted on Friday.  Official totals won’t be released by the County until early next week.