“The Great Office Scavenger Hunt”: Where teamwork could win your work crew Primo Hoagies!


The Great Office Scavenger Hunt is back by popular demand! Your chance to win a delicious Primo Hoagie Tray every Wednesday at 8:20am on 98-7 the Coast!

We’ll give you FOUR items you’ll need to find in your office. The workplace that takes a picture of those items and posts it on our 98.7 The Coast Facebook page in the fastest time wins a tray of hoagies from Primo Hoagies of Rio Grande! (remember to include a business card or contact number with today’s date on it).

Get the whole office involved so your chances of winning are even better!

So listen for the four items and get ready to post your picture Wednesday morning for the “Great Office Scavenger Hunt” with The Morning After on 98-7 the Coast!

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