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Ask The Morning After May 28 2015

You’ve all heard of the phrase “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?’ Well I have a situation along the lines. I overheard my 16 year old daughter on her cell phone talking to her friends. Apparently now that the weather is getting warm, they’re …

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Ask The Morning After, May 14 2015

My girlfriend and I recently went to a friend’ s house for a party that had about 50 guests. At first we went our separate ways to talk to our various friends who were there. I was approached by a business acquaintance I had not seen for several years and …

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Ask The Morning After, May 7 2015

Hi Morning After, I had to e-mail because heard your discussion the other morning about bulk trash pickup and had to laugh, because it relates to a problem I’m dealing with. I took the opportunity with the gorgeous weather last weekend to do some outdoor spring cleaning. One of the …

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Ask The Morning After April 16 2015

Here’s this week’s “Ask The Morning After”: I am a divorced mother of 2 teenagers and up until recently I thought things in our world were on an upswing. The divorce in 2013 really threw us all for a loop. January we were celebrating our 18th Anniversary with a romantic …

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Ask The Morning After April 9 2015

Here’s this week’s Ask the Morning After: Hello Mark and the gang, I’m writing to see if I can get some help. I’m a single mom with a son that is going on 15 and an 11 year old daughter. My kids are usually great. They get along well good …

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Ask The Morning After March 26 2015

Hey guys, Wanted to ask for a quick opinion about a situation. My wife insists on wearing leggings and other tight- fitting clothing everywhere, even the supermarket. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to dictate what she wears but have to admit the fact she wears them everywhere …

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Ask The Morning After March 19 2015

Hi Morning After Crew, Hope you can give some advice for “Fred”, a co-worker of mine. My job requires a lot of presentations which need to be complete with power point before we head out to potential clients. There are numerical figures that need to be calculated and double- checked. …

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