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  1. Hello this message was sent to TV and Radio stations in USA
    Very important
    Director Mueller explain FBI is terrorizing and framing innocent people
    Please read
    FBI Director Robert S. Mueller
    As seen in the Wikileaks and Steven Hatfill cases, to name but two of a large number of incidents, where the U.S. government, criminally broke domestic and international law, in unduly harassing, terrorizing, abusing and attempting to literally destroy people, the FBI, CIA and Pentagon are willing to stoop to unprecedented lows to “neutralize” individuals. The government’s conduct never really changed over the years, from the time of Civil Rights movement. Each surveillance program just bears a new name, with old tactics, to cover illegal, covert activity, being waged against innocent people. As technology progresses, so does the intrusive level of government spying. With the progression of time, there has also been a significant deterioration in common sense and decency at a government level. The government spying on innocent people for political and social reasons, is unconstitutional, unseemly and unbecoming. To preach “Liberty and justice for all” and tout the Constitution at every turn in the world, then so viciously and abominably violate it against Americans and international citizens, is bald-face hypocrisy. It tells the nation and the world the government doesn’t stand for squat – only what is expedient to a particular administration or federal agency. The government’s conduct in trampling the rights of the poor and middle class, summarily spying on anyone they feel like, whilst arrogantly officiating the illegal redistribution of wealth in the corporate sector, giving impunity to criminals stealing from others, in acting out of self-interest, has permanently damaged America. Hence two administrations in a row being unable to stem the ongoing financial depression. Government corruption has destroyed America, via the destructive and haughty behavior of the Bush Administration, which is being carried on by the current President. One would think such a terrible wake up call, via an unprecedented financial crisis, would be a catalyst for change within the government, but they have refused to desist the corrupt conduct. Billions in taxpayer money is being wasted on terrorizing people, in and outside the country, who are deemed a threat to national security, when in actuality, they pose a political risk to a particular politician, which is insufficient reason to engage in such conduct. When a psychotic president (Bush Jr.) can sic the Secret Service on a 12-year-old, over slamming him on her blog, whilst engaging in her right to free speech, the government has gone too far. When a psychotic president (Bush Jr.) can sic the Secret Service on an elderly man, who writes into a feedback section of a mainstream newspaper stating “They hung the wrong man” in response to Saddam Hussein’s execution, the government has gone too far. When an administration (Obama) can keep revenge lists, of outspoken critics, they misuse federal agencies to target, dig up dirt on, harass and leak false information about, in a bid to discredit and harass them into silence, the government has gone too far. When an administration (Obama) constantly contacts search engines and hosting companies, demanding websites be pulled or unlisted from search results, as the content is not flattering to the incumbent, the government has gone too far. Either people have free speech and free press or they don’t. Make up your mind, which is it. Does the Constitution stand or have you struck it down to make way for your ego. The billions being spent on such endeavors, could be put to better use, engaging in items such as, creating jobs for millions of unemployed Americans. Instead, said money is going to the CIA, FBI, Pentagon and other related agencies, to engage in grudge matches and unconstitutional battle royales, against citizens that exercise their right to free speech and free press. That is the definition of insanity and bad budgeting. Some mentally unhinged CIA, FBI and Pentagon employees, become so obsessed with targets, they go to extraordinary lengths to destroy people, which inevitably backfires and goes public. They have unconstitutionally turned the following conduct Americans and foreigners, in violation of the law.
    People who have been the target of U.S. government harassment have been subjected to:
    Illegal wiretapping
    Illegal email and computer content scanning and copying
    Illegal bank account scanning
    The sabotaging of their personal and professional lives
    The sabotaging their family members’ personal and professional lives
    The sabotaging of the target’s business and or job
    Harassment of family members
    Harassment of friends
    Harassment of employers and business associates
    The indirect initiation of litigation against the target, via third parities
    Frame the target for crimes they did not commit
    The deliberate interference in family, personal and business relationships with the intent of inflicting as much emotional, psychological and financial abuse as possible
    Attempted murder
    Take a good look at the above mentioned conduct. Only mentally deranged animals engage in such egregious human rights abuses, yet the U.S. government, has been caught red handed doing such things to a number of people. Such sick conduct has no legitimate place in any civilized society. It is depraved beyond words and illustrates conduct one would expect from a rogue regime, not a democracy. However, invariably, these criminal misdeeds come back to them. If you look at the lives of those engaging in this misconduct on behalf of the government, it is filled with strife, paranoia, restlessness, discontent, malcontent and tragedy. For the simple reason, God says in the Bible, “You reap what you sow.” You don’t go around destroying other people’s lives, without God bringing that misery right back to your doorstep. One would think the government learned from what they did to Martin Luther King Jr, but they haven’t.
    Thanks for reading
    BOB ASKARI (Iranian / American) Houston, Texas
    ((I found this document above on website of government harassment 2015))
    Since 2004 I am victim of crime by government agencies and lucky to be alive. I have already experienced everything on the list Director Mueller says. They tried to create fight & shooting between me and my coworkers and neighbors. They sent garbage truck and eighteen wheeler after me in the freeway they sent military boys after me tried to get in to my hotel room. They left briefcase next to me at the airport tried to set me up with explosive. They sent teenage girl and undercover ladies showing me their chest and under ware tried to set me up for sexual conduct. They do time travel and transfer bugs animals to my home. They continuously torturing me electronically sending signals to my face, eyes, ears, toes and body feel like something touching, pinching and burning skin. Millions of people mostly Americans have videos on you tube (government stalking) complain about harassment. I had several videos it was deleted possibly by FBI. Experienced psychologist told me long time ago they play with your head and can kill you any moment, he also said no one will understand you unless they experience it themselves. American agents are responsible for hacking to electronic devices, phones, TV, cars, plane, they have played so many dirty games with me many years cut of electricity and water, alarms, security cameras,,,,,acting like UFO. Governor Jesse Ventura says they are responsible for making phone call Bomb thread and suicide bombing. They are in business of violence and gang activities blaming innocent people, other countries and making fake news. One reason for shooting around states is in 2017 government wanted to come with new law install microchip in every citizen’s arm and track everybody (Alex Jones investigates on H2 history channel). “Very important people under harassment should consult attorney right away”, never carry a gun, and (ignore free vacation ticket and high class restaurant you receive in the mail it’s a trap). Watch movie (eagle eye) FBI set up college student with guns. Please pass this around

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